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Daniel Spoerri

Capa da edição da Something Else Press (EUA)

Esta é uma nota de divulgação do lançamento, publicada no Something Else Newsletter de fevereiro de 1966. O livro custava U$ 5.00.

Situation: a man, a famous artist, alone in his Paris room, about to clean up the breakfast table. Idly he begins to think about the histories of the objects, the dishes on the table.. .Then less idly... Excited by the project, he draws a map of the table, and begins to compose the history of each object—who gave it to him, what it means to him .. .To his histories he appends delightful footnotes, additional histories, digressions. His friends write footnotes, then the translator, the illustrator, until there is built up a fantastically vivid self-portrait of a man and his friends and his city —

An Anecdoted Topography of Chance
Robert Filliou, Emmett Williams, Dieter Roth e Roland Topor (desenhos)

Capa da 4ª edição, publicada na Inglaterra, mostrando as outras 3 edições.

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