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Flavius Josephus
Génesis: In principio crea- vit Deus caelum et terram

anno reveren

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Craig Leonard

Collection of obsolete concepts and their definitions taken from the complete Oxford English Dictionary. First edition published 2004; second edition 2008.

The result of a research project that challenges the Oxford English Dictionary by putting what the OED categorizes as "obsolete" concepts back into circulation through republication. The bookwork also includes references to significant errors Leonard discovered in the definition of certain words and their source texts.

Edition of 198, numbered.
Second edition of 198, 87 pages
6.5 x 4 x 0.5 inches


Stuart Davis

 Odol, 1924
Oil on cardboard, 24 x 18" (60.9 x 45.6 cm).

Known for his energetic compositions with bold colors and snappy rhythms, Davis painted quintessentially modern American subjects. Among his sources of inspiration, he listed “skyscraper architecture; the brilliant colors on gasoline stations; chain store fronts and taxicabs” and “jazz music.”

Long before Andy Warhol and other Pop artists mined the world of trademark brands, Davis incorporated imagery from logos, commercial signage, and modern packaging into his paintings. In the 1920s—the “golden age” of advertising—the artist created Lucky Strike, a visual riff on a pack of cigarettes, and Odol, a sleek, streamlined ode to a bottle of mouthwash. (Moma)


 Ernst Keller

Heiri Steiner

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Els Scholten

Nulla da dire, 1998-2000
15 ex. 20,5 x29,5cm, 458p.

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