quarta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2009

Isabel Truniger

Ping Pong: In alphabetical order, 2003/2004
Enquanto estava envolvida em trabalho trandisciplinar com tecidos, surgiu a idéia de fazer um alfabeto que pudesse ser vestido.

While envolved in trans-disciplinary work on textiles, the idea came up of developing an alphabet that can be worn. Laid out horizontally, the garments, all black, correspond exactly with the letters of Helvetica extra-bold, though of course they vary in size according to wheter we are dealing with a sock, a scarf with muff or a dress. This is reminiscent of pictorial typography, where the human body was often used for forming charcaters. Oscillating between style and pattern, Ping Pong playfully deconstructs an icon of modern Swiss typography.
(Idea magazine)

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