sexta-feira, 25 de julho de 2008

Paul Béliveau

Pinturas do canadense Paul Beliveau, um colecionador que tem se dedicado a pintar livros.

Les humanités CCLXXXI

Les humanités CCLXXXI

"my interest in books goes beyond their content. I collect them, I pile them up, I photograph them, I paint them, I even invent them... In fact, it is the whole book itself - its essence -, that I love; I consider this object to be exceeding meaningful... I get a great amount of pleasure from occasionally browsing through libraries or bookstores, of touching the worn leather, examining the yellowed pager, the faded covers and the inscriptions and the first few pages... When I hold an old book in my hands, I feel I am holding a piece of history".

Chronique LXII, 2002

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