terça-feira, 10 de julho de 2012

Michael Snow

Trecho de uma entrevista:

DD: Cover to Cover (1975) is not only considered your best artist’s book, but is widely thought of as the best artists’ book, ever.

MS: Well, I certainly go along with that. (Laughs) The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design began a press with Kasper Konig as the director, and they put out some really wonderful things, which were mostly artists’ statements about their work. I was asked to do something, which was very nice but I thought, I don’t want to do that. I want to do a work. I didn’t want something about my work, but something that was an example of it. So, I proposed it to them and began looking at books for their, well, bookishness. One thing is that the pages are two-sided. There’s always an ‘other’ side. That led me to the idea of having two cameras take a subject, placing one image on one side, and the other camera’s view on the opposing side, exactly the same size. Then, you get a true physical contact with the two-dimensionality of photographs, and you experience the compression that’s involved in photography, which mostly vanishes in the face of the realism of it. Just that basic formal principal led to a variety of things – the recto-verso, for example. The whole story is of me leaving my house and driving someplace, which was the Isaacs Gallery, to pick up a copy of the book. So, the book is presented as a fait accompli by showing the book to the reader.

Para ler a entrevista completa: http://www.magentamagazine.com/10/features/michael-snow

Vídeo mostrando o livro: http://youtu.be/cdvjlJx1E1w 

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