terça-feira, 10 de julho de 2012

Augusto de Campos

Linguaviagem, 1967
Poemcube by Augusto de Campos
250 x 255 mm folded. 

Unfolds to cube shape (250 mm square, 255mm high) with three letters screenprinted on each side - the outer sides in blue, the inner sides in green. The three letter groupings are LIN / GUA/ VIA / GEM. Therefore the letter groups combine (as is printed on one page) to make Lingua : Tongue / Via: Via/ Linguagem: Language and viagem : voyage. One of de Campos' most successful and famous poems and a beautiful poetry object/sculpture. Printed in an edition of 100 for the Brighton Concrete Poetry Festival,1967.

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Maravilhoso ve postado um grande poeta concretista brasileiro, amei