sábado, 13 de agosto de 2011

Victor Moscoso

Neon Rose #6 "A French postcard from the 1890's. I surrounded the young lady with my newly invented psychedelic playbill letter face."

Neon Rose #12 "I completed this poster the same night as Neon Rose #11. This image has been used in many catalogs, museum ads and other publications. It is my most popular and iconic image. Only one printing of this poster was done."

No site do artista, ele se declara "Master of Psychedelic Poster". De fato, é um pioneiro neste tipo de cartaz, quase ilegíveis. As cores têm um forte contraste, o que aumenta a dificuldade de leitura, mas aumenta o interesse visual pela peça gráfica. Mais em http://www.victormoscoso.com/

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