sexta-feira, 12 de agosto de 2011

Richard Morrison - Art of the Title

Créditos do filme Alta Fidelidade (High Fidelity Title Sequence)

“When working on this sequence I kept three notions in mind. Make it original, simple and distinctive enough. I believed simple content would be the answer to a finely tuned piece of work. Hence, the sequence abounds in this somewhat old-fashioned vintage style “brand identity” approach with a titled logotype centrally set in a 3d background movement.
I knew the film would be humorously philosophical. So I thought it was perfectly natural to create some kind of a retro feel to reflect some of the older classic films, but also keep it feeling fresh and contemporary at a time. Understanding where the film sat in its surrounding was absolutely vital. Although it is a short piece the level of difficulty was naturally quite high. Timing being one of the main reasons. Many creatives will tell you short pieces are the most difficult ones because you need to ensure that you make the most of every single second especially graphically and visually.”

Alguns vídeos e screenshots de créditos estão disponíveis em

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