terça-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2011

Dr. Lakra e Abraham Cruzvillegas

Los Dos Amigos

This scrapbook documents Abraham Cruzvillegas and Dr. Lakraís recent and provocative exhibit of drawings, sculptures, objects and miscellany at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Oaxaca, Mexico, and honors the ongoing collaboration of which it is a part, a 20-year friendship here blossoming into public collaboration for the first time. Los dos amigos is an excellent introduction to two of Mexico's most interesting contemporary artists.


Dr Lakra (Jeronimo Lopez Ramirez, born 1972, Mexico) is an artist and tattooist based in Oaxaca, Mexico. Apart from tattooing, his art involves embellishing images and other found objects - for instance, dolls, old medical illustrations, and pictures in 1950s Mexican magazines - with macabre or tattoo-style designs.

He has shown work internationally in many exhibitions including Stolen Bike at the Andrew Kreps Gallery in New York, Los Dos Amigos at MACO in Mexico, Pin Up at Tate Modern and Pierced Hearts and True Love at The Drawing Center in New York.

He is the son of the graphic artist Francisco Toledo.

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