domingo, 16 de janeiro de 2011

Chistoforos Tavoularis

Metabook no2, "Ulises Carrion - The new art of making books, 1970", 2006
“To understand something, is to understand the structure of which it is a part and/or the elements forming the structure that that something is.” Ulises Carion, in The new art of making books, at

In order to read this book, one has to fold and unfold its every single page, and start making combinations and juxtapositions between those pages or blocs to collate and reveal the quotes that are hidden or incomprehensible.

The perpetual manipulation of its structure, challenges the user’s experience. He/She has to treat the book as a living organism that is constantly transforming and every transformation is generating new ideas and new meanings. Furthermore this structure produces a t-mesis phenomenon capable of maintaining the interest of its user, on the premise that he/she has to explore every possibility of its structure. (via

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