terça-feira, 24 de novembro de 2009

Michael Goodman

How to make your own cheap inexpensive artists´book, 1990

This book is a clever condensation of the many cliches that Michael Goodman dealt with on a regular basis as associate director and printer at Nexus Press. During the long run of that artists' book press, he helped numerous artists realize their book projects, often from start. The number of people who would show up with A Great Idea that turned out to be just the Same Great Idea as everyone else's Great Idea was, well, not great at all..... So Michael took all of these all-too predicatable project ideas and synthesized them into a single instruction manual. The fact that it is so tiny is part of its charm and effect. (Johanna Drucker, no site http://www.artistsbooksonline.org)

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