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Seth Siegelaub

1969 March 1969 [One Month]
New York, NY : Seth Siegelaub, 1969
artists' book ; wrappers ; offset-printed ; staple bound ; black-and-white ; 21.5 x 17.5 cm. ; [32] pp.

A exposição que se realizou apenas no catálogo, durou apenas um mês. Esta é a capa do livro/catálogo de 1969, parecendo um calendário. Cada artista recebeu uma página, e o editor manteve em branco a página reservada ao artista que não enviou trabalhos.

Exhibition catalogue for exhibition that did not take place outside the printed catalogue. I.E. a purely conceptual exhibition. This time, he invited 31 contemporary artists (one for each day of the month of March 1969) to contribute a "work". What he got is what he printed, therefore a number of pages are blank. The contributions vary widely and wildly: Robert Barry, for example, promised to release two cubic feet of helium into the atmosphere sometime in the morning of the fifth; Stephen Kaltenbach submitted a series of philosophical statements about art; and Dewain Valentine described the creation of a Light Slab with Klieg lights in Central Park. Each artist was provided with a single page within the catalogue, representing a single day in the month of March 1969. Contributions are strictly text-based. Includes "works" by Terry Atkinson, Michel Baldwin, Robert Barry, Rick Barthelme, N.E. Thing Co., James Lee Byars, John Chamberlain, Ron Cooper, Barry Flanagan, Alex Hay, Douglas Huebler, Robert Huot, Stephen Kaltenbach, Joseph Kosuth, Christine Kozlov, Richard Long, Robert Morris, Claes Oldenburg, Dennis Oppenheim, Alan Ruppersberg, Robert Smithson, Dewain Valentine, Lawrence Weiner, Ian Wilson. Conceived / curated by Seth Siegelaub. Reference: "Six Years : The Dematerialization of the Art-Object from 1966-1972," Studio Vista, London, 1973, pp. 79-80.

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