segunda-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2009

Kazunari Hattori

"TAKEO DESK DIARY 2006 Vol.48"

I illustrated the 26 letters from A to Z with the fonts I liked or thought beautiful, which was simply based on my personal taste. I am a designer who is neither a scholar nor an authority in the fi eld of characters and script, and also who has been dealing with letterforms self-indulgently, could only come up with an idea to throw myself into the theme "Alphabetical Fonts" to create something meaningful. The reason why I "as a designer"have been dealing with letterforms is because I feel there is something mysterious about letters; that they are more than just simply being communication symbols. It seemed to be the most effective way to grope the mystery of letterforms was to illustrate letters with drawing pens and brushes that I'm not familiar with, although my work only traced a short moment of the great trajectory that was followed by the authors who created each fonts. (via Tokyo Directors Club, TDC)

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