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Traços do calígrafo

folha de exercício, mostrando os pontos utilizados como medida para o tamanho das letras

  Traces of the Calligrapher: Islamic Calligraphy in Practice, c. 1600–1900

In Islamic culture, calligraphy has long been considered a quintessential art form. This beautiful writing practice constitutes an expression of piety, and calligraphers are among the most highly esteemed artists. Traces of the Calligrapher portrays the intimate world of the calligrapher during the early modern period of Islamic culture. It brings together the “tools of the trade”—works in their own right that are rarely exhibited or published—and the exquisite art made with these functional objects in India, Iran, and Turkey. (Yale University Press)

 Calligraphers’ tools, storage box, and pen cases from Turkey, Iran, and India

 Tesoura utilizada para cortar papel, faca para cortar o cálamo, como é chamada a pena de escrever  utilizada na caligrafia árabe.

Calligraphers’ penknives, Turkey, 18th and 19th centuries.
Steel blades, brass mounts, handle materials include ivory and agate


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