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Adrian Piper

Colored People, 1991

“Tickled pink. Scarlet with embarrassment. Purple with anger. Blue. Green with envy. Jaundiced yellow. White with fear. Black depression.” Adrian Piper’s book is a collaboration with sixteen people who were asked to cut out these ‘metaphorical moods’ and record them as photographs which Piper then took responsibility for sorting, depending on her response to the expressions. According to Piper, the book “was intended as a light-hearted conceptual gesture with serious implications”.
Colored People is a project that attempts to deal with two aspects of prejudgement; those made about others and those made about art that is delimited as political as a method of containment of what else it may be about, how richly politics may be defined. (via bookworks)

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 (a artista é mestiça, branca com traços de negro, e por isso muita gente fica surpresa quando ela diz que é  negra.o livro faz um trocadilho também com "pessoas de cor", um eufemismo para disfarçar o racismo)

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