domingo, 11 de dezembro de 2011

Tania Mouraud

Wall painting, site-specific - Courtesy of Cueto Project, New York

 Tania Mouraud, HCYS?, 2007.
[how can you sleep?] 

[what you see is what you get]

I have a Dream, 1990.

IHAD, 2005, Espace de l'art concret, Mouans Sartoux
exposition: Arts de l'Islam et abstractions: Le chant rythmique de l'esprit
Neste trabalho, fica evidente a geometrização das letras do alfabeto romano como uma forma de aproximação da escrita kufi, um estilo de escrita árabe.
Tania Mouraud was born in 1942 in Paris, France, where she continues to live with her family. Mouraud studied languages prior to her initial foray into the artworld as a painter in 1963. Since 1976, she has taught art at L'Ecole Regionale d'Expression Plastique, Tourcoing, France. During the past three decades, Mouraud has shown in numerous exhibitions throughout Europe and the United States. Her solo exhibitions have included: Tania Mouraud: Wall Painting (UCLA Hammer Museum, 1999), World Signs (Riverside Studios, London, 1998), Black Power (Galerie de Lege Ruimte, Bruges, 1989), Garden Shooting (Galerie Contretype, Bruxelles, 1987), City Performance No. 2 (60 posters, Lyon, 1980), and Art Space No. 5 (Special project, PSI, New York1977). Among the group exhibitions Mouraud has participated in are: Flash (Power Plant, Toronto, 1997), Femininmasculin (Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris and New York, 1995), Public and Private (Edinburgh, 1993), Diversité Photographique (Galerie 1900-2000, Paris, 1991), Minimal Art-Art Conceptual (Galerie Christian Cheneau, Paris, 1987), Typish Frau (Galerie Philoméne Magers, Bonn, 1981), and Artwords and Bookwords (LAICA, California, 1978). (via unapinceladadearte)

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