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Julian Opie

 My aunts sheep, 2001

  Escaped Animals, 2002

Escaped Animals is a series of thirteen manufactured road signs depicting animals. Each sign was produced in an edition of four plus one artist’s proof. Opie created symbols for a fox, a hedgehog, a deer, a pheasant, a goose, a cat, a sheep, a squirrel, a cow, a goat, a chicken and a dog and placed them within a circle, rectangle or triangle, depending on the animal’s form and the visual appeal of the combination. The animals are depicted as simplified outlines against a coloured ground. Some – the fox, goose, squirrel and goat - are merely outlines, their bodies the same colour as the background. Others – the deer, cat and dog - are outlined in one colour and filled in another colour. The remainder – hedgehog, rabbit, pheasant, cat, sheep and chicken - are entirely another colour. Further variation is provided by the use of coloured margins around the edge of the sign. The signs consist of two geometric sheets of aluminium covered with vinyl overlays depicting the animals. These are attached in parallel on either side of a pole which is set into the ground in a metal sleeve. The image depicted is identical on either side of the sign. Installed, they stand at varying heights in a cluster of a minimum of three (as specified by the artist). To date, most have been installed outside, although the artist has designed circular metal bases for indoor installation. (from the Tate Collection)

More info: http://www.julianopie.com

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