segunda-feira, 11 de julho de 2011

Jenniffer Tee

E*V*O*L E*Y*E LAND*S-END (2004)
Author(s): Xander Karskens, Ann Demeester, Stijn Huijts
Edited and designed by: Jennifer Tee i.c.w Richard Niessen
Published by: Artimo, NL 
 The Jennifer Tee EVOL EYE LAND-S END book is made in the summer of 2004 as part of Tee’s contribution to the São Paulo Bienial, and is the result of an extensive collaboration between Jennifer Tee and graphic designer Richard Niessen. It is selected as one of the best Dutch book designs of 2004, and is for sale at galerie Fons Welters. The book consists of 8 booklets that are randomly bound. Each booklet has its own design, using one of the 4 typefaces that Niessen specially made for this project. One of the booklets contains an enormous panorama of Jennifer Tee’s work, in combination with the 4 typefaces. One of the typefaces was later developed into the Eye-vi font
 (eu vi essa preciosidade na biblioteca do Mam/SP, o livro tem impressão em cores especiais, e uma quantidade enorme de texturas e imagens sobrepostas)

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