sexta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2011

Dave Wakefield

 d is for duck

The medium and use of wood and metal type is unique in that it offers another dimension or secondary layer to the physical form. That of texture. It’s the intelligent use of this texture that will add greater potency to the solution. Just the two forms of D create the unmistakable image. Careful overprinting leaves the lowercase form shy of solid on the crossover, and at the same time feathery soft. A result of the underlaying and overlaying technique known as ‘make-ready’. A 30-line Bold Latin capital was chosen for its heavy, bulbous, outward-curving form, and unique serifs that would pronounce the tail feathers and fill the counter to make the eye. Counterpoint, in the choice of a Neue-Haas Grotesk lowercase letter pit against the nineteenth-century Latin to strengthen the modernity and essential property to educate.


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