terça-feira, 6 de abril de 2010

Jonathan Monk

& Milk. Today is just a copy of yesterday, 2004
Grazer Kunstverein / Schleebrugge.Editor, Graz
Artist´s Book: Softcover; numbered edition of 800 copies
150 x 228 mm; xx pp.

A glass of milk is the demonstrative subject of this little book, a deceptively simple experiment in process. An initial slide of the glass was duplicated, a duplicate was made of that duplicate, and so on, until there were 50 generations of the original. Matters become complicated when one slide is made from another; new conditions and patterns emerge that can hardly be anticipated. With each generation, the reproduction loses some information, the colors change, definition and resolution suffer, and even the image area itself begins to change. '& milk' is a fascinating piece, as well as a fun flip book that appeals to anyone interested in matters of regeneration, duplication, or temporality.

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