terça-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2009

Gene Federico

Woman´s Day, 1953

Este anúncio de Gene Federico ficou célebre
Mr. Federico used headlines as an armature to carry visual messages and used type to approximate sounds on the printed page. One of his most memorable designs, a 1953 advertisement for Woman's Day magazine, typifies his brand of letter-form manipulation through surprising shifts in scale and juxtapositions. Atop a large, white-on-black headline, ''Going Out,'' a woman rides a bicycle, its wheels made from the two ''o''s.
The ad was part of a long-running campaign to convince potential advertisers that three million devoted readers went out of their way to buy Woman's Day. The ads succeeded in attracting attention and new business, but just as important, they proved that a simple, visual idea worked in a medium that was known for verbal overstatement. (NY Times)

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