domingo, 12 de abril de 2009

Philippe Parreno

Speech Bubbles, 1997
Mylar and helium, 107 x 117 x 40 cm cada
Vista da instalação no Musée d´Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, 2002
"A good image is always a social moment, says Parreno, whose works are less images to be interpreted than interpretations of social acts. For this installation Parreno devised a cluster of helium-filled balloons made in the shape of comic book speech bubbles. Playfully floating in the air, they nod to Andy Warhol´s Silver Clouds (1966), mylar balloons in the form of oversized pillows. Parreno´s rendition also carries a political undertone. The work was originally conceived for the Confédération Générale du Travail to serve as a tool for organized protest durig a union strike. It allowed individuals to "mark in their own demand", the artist explained, "while still participating in the same image".

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