sexta-feira, 5 de setembro de 2008

Dieter Roth

Daily Mirror, 1961

Daily Mirror, 1970

The Daily Mirror also represents a process in two respects: first by enlarging the page to unreadable levels and also having it represented in minuscule form in the bottom corner, and the second respect is that this book had three incarnations. In 1961 he first created it as a two centimeter square book made by cutting squares out of piles of The Daily Mirror newspaper and gluing them at the spine, second, in 1965, he created a loose collection of these pages, blown up to twenty five centimeters and printed on newsprint, and third in 1970 he produced the Collected Works edition in standard octavo size (6 x 9.5"), each page showing the source image, roughly 2 x 3 centimeters in the bottom corner of the full-page blow-up of this same image. (more)

Aqui tem uma livraria com vários livros de Dieter Roth.

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